many anti-bacterial floor manufacturers

many anti-bacterial floor manufacturers

floor "put on a layer of antibacterial chiffon, also began to claim
antibacterial floor" Reporter investigation: since the wear of
anti-bacterial caps reporter visited yesterday to strengthen the floor
market found that many anti-bacterial floor manufacturers are promoting
their own floor Bacteria rate of 99.9% "Cheap Outdoor Wood Plastic Fence,"
24 hours to play antivirus But also when the reporter to further
in-depth inquiry on the floor of the antimicrobial principle, the sales
staff will be able to promote the anti-bacterial effect of their
products, such as spirits: kill bacteria, in addition to mites and odor,
and this sterilization function for 15 years, Began to hesitate, and
when a reporter asked if there is

no relevant authority to test data to prove that an antibacterial
floor of a sales staff to 2 copies of the material in front of reporters
shook, the reporter noted that the two materials from a A disease
control center issued a test report, the other is issued by an
association of anti-bacterial certification, when a reporter would like
to further understand the specific testing standards,Affordable Wood Plastic Patio Decking
the sales staff immediately put away the material, said: "Anyway you
know it's common Bacteria eradication rate of 99.9% on the line. "Some
floor promoters also said that their antibacterial effect of
antibacterial floor continued to play, and the life of the floor have
the same effect, but

simply can not get any proof.Therefore, in this gorgeous concept of
packaging is not true According to the professionals, due to the lack of
uniform standards, therefore, the industry-led enterprises successfully
developed with independent intellectual property rights of the
antibacterial floor to obtain a competitive advantage, some enterprises
follow the trend of speculation, the lack of basic self-discipline,Build Outdoor PVC Fence
in the Technology and preparation are not sufficient circumstances, in
order to take advantage of the introduction of the concept of the
so-called free anti-bacterial floor, resulting in building materials on
the market there have been several brands of

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