low profile soft home is never

more colorful, fresh, more and more transparent material, the shape also showed the idea of ??sky, and even in some furniture city, eye-catching lighting like Has become the protagonist, attracting people's attention. Multi-function furniture to activate small units of terrible space _ small apartment _ space design low attitude sofa brought all kinds of pleasure, In addition,

if the purchase of one or two have a variety of functions of the main furniture, such as stretching the coffee table or can open and close the coffee table, even more so that the home style is different. Case1 low profile combination of software: sofa group + sitting piers coffee table software, can be with the shape of the body to help you find a most comfortable

posture, sit also lie, low profile soft home is never binding. Flush combination sofa This sofa is completely a combination of square, it does not have a handrail, no frame, each shape without any difference, the change is only the combination of the way and pattern. Sitting on the sofa next to the sofa next to a soft coffee table, in addition to the unique design, which

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