The Magic have just NBA 2K18 MT

The Magic have just 12 games left and are currently in a race with the NBA 2K18 MT
Charlotte Bobcats for the worst record in the league. Rather than push Afflalo
to come back this season, it's smarter to have him sit and perhaps have a better
chance at grabbing that worst record. More from SB Nation:• Saturday's March
Madness TV schedule


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schedule: Pacers try to extend Central Division lead over Bulls, Nets take on
Clippers -


The Indiana Pacers arrive in Chicago on Saturday riding a three-game
winning streak with a six-game lead over the Bulls for first place in the
Central Division.The Pacers will try to sweep the season series between the two
teams for the first time since 2001-02 without the help of injured forward David
West. A lower back injury kept West out of the last three games, all wins by the
Pacers, but his presence will be missed against Chicago's front court.



Blog a Bull Indy CornrowsThe Bulls are trying to move things in a positive
direction to close out the season after losing six of their last eight games.
Kirk Hinrich and Taj Gibson recently returned to the lineup, but the Bulls
remain in wait-and-see mode with star point guard Derrick Rose, who has yet to
play this season.Other key contests on Saturday include the Brooklyn Nets
visiting the Los Angeles Clippers and the Boston Celtics taking on the Memphis
Grizzlies after a 10-point loss in Dallas on Buy NBA Live Coins Friday night.


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