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By the time the lights go up and the mini-models start sashaying up
and down the catwalk, the crowd is rapt. With music booming and cameras
flashing, it is just like any other show, except that the
even-tinier-than-usual models tend to hold their poses far too long in
their excitement and have to be quietly pressed to go backstage.

But it is not just the cute models they are pining over; it is also
their outfits, which range from pretty dresses priced at £700 to full-on
“fashion” ensembles which pull together wife-beater vest, braces and
khaki shorts with yanked-up socks and sandals. The message seems to be:
if you can buy it for yourself, you can find it for your kids, too. At
pretty much the same price.

Kari Nyack is a fashion kids clothing free shipping
stylist. Her two-year-old daughter, Frankie, is in a Mischka Aoki dress
that cost £480. “She always wears beautiful dresses, you can dress them
up or down with lovely shoes or trainers.” Always? “School uniform or
dresses. Always.”

Her friend Elena Souto, whose daughter India is best friends with
Frankie, is a personal stylist for other people’s children. Hers is an
industry, she says, that is “only getting better”. “My clients are
people who don’t have time to shop for their kids,” she says. “I try to
base what I dress them in on their personality and what they like to do.
People will pay a lot for that.”

A thriving kids’ fashion market may be a good thing for industry, but
is it really positive to be instilling our children with values based
on expensive clothes and looking a certain way? “We don’t focus on the
children but on the parents,” Theophanous insists. “It is the parents’
decision what the kids wear and we market at the parents.”

Among the guests at the after-party, where kids queue to have their
nails painted or their pictures taken, is Sharon, who is launching a
luxury children’s line. Sipping champagne in the corner, she and her
business partner, neither of whom wanted to be identified, are cheered
by the turnout. “It shows that the children’s business is booming. More
than anything it shows that people will buy and buy and buy. That can
only be good news.”

General view of child models pictured on the catwalk at the Global
Kids Fashion Week show at the Freemasons Hall in London, March 20th
2013. The event aimed to educate and inspire people about Kidsí fashion
with all proceeds from the shows public ticket sales being donated to
charity Kids Company.

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