Chinese furniture retail market 2016 steady growth in the first half

With the improvement of people's economic income level, consumers in the home consumption concept and taste have a higher demand. Wardrobe industry as a custom home industry,picnic table camping table outdoor use can fully meet the current market, personalized, diversified needs, but also ushered in the vigorous development period.

At present, many wardrobe enterprises have to use large-scale exhibition, Internet platform, investment conference and other means, a large area of ​​investment. Chinese wardrobe network for 8 consecutive years for the wardrobe brand to provide investment franchise service authority platform, recognized by the industry and certainly, China wardrobe network also live up to expectations, for many wardrobe brand has brought a steady stream of dealer resources. So,plastic adn metal trestle legs in 2016, which wardrobe enterprises in the Chinese wardrobe net platform to gain a good investment results? Behind the success of what is the reason? Here, we take a look.

2016 years, through the Chinese wardrobe network to obtain investment success, the top 15 wardrobe brand in turn is the custom of the poetry Nieman, Ke Fan custom, Rhein Iger wardrobe, Karno custom home, Vogers wardrobe, Bai Yi home, Dili An Mu wardrobe, Laoka wardrobe, Bang Yuan Ming craftsman custom furniture, Wrigley wardrobe,fold out bed for camper in usa the United States Stanley home, crown special wardrobe, blue Joe wardrobe, Otani wardrobe. According to the cooperative wardrobe business feedback, very optimistic about the Chinese wardrobe network investment effect.

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